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Growth Hack your Personal Brand & Social Sales on LinkedIn

Learn how to multiply your sales, win top-talent and influence the industry with Personal Branding, Content Marketing, Social Selling and Growth Hacking on LinkedIn.

With only 6 hours of work weekly

Imagine that...

... you are shaping the industry's future with your insights, knowledge and vision

... your LinkedIn account has become the major source for guidance to many other industry professionals

... you get leads from pre-framed customers even when you are out of office

... you concentrate on the opportunities that have the best fit, highest profit and shortest sales-cycle

... customers you have never met in person, already trust your advice before entering the first meeting


... you get easy access to high-profile people you would have needed to work for very hard otherwise

... you are invited to key-conferences as a speaker regularly

... the industry's top talent requests to work with you, making it easier for your team to grow

... you enjoy the process of inspiring others and the success it brings, boosting your career

Want to make this your reality?

This program provides you with a proven system, to create this decisive advantage for you and your company

Personal Branding Training by imagineGROWTH Institute

Your system for 3X your sales and winning the industry's top-talent by building your personal brand

This 84-days training helps you step-by-step, establish and strengthen your or your team-members personal brands and win more customers using LinkedIn.

imagineGROWTH provides you with a clear roadmap to attract more ideal customers, to boost your career, influence the industry without wasting time on repetitive tasks or inefficient processes.

When you join, you become part, of a supportive group of top-experts in the tech-industry, who are here to learn, grow and celebrate their accomplishments.

You learn all the strategies, tactics and use of tools, you need to know (positioning, content creation, interaction, social selling, automation, analytics, and many more) with our thoroughly crafted program schedule.

At each module, you will get assignments to complete that will get you measurable results. After the 84 days your system to attract customers and advance your career will be fully set-up and operating.

You will have developed a habit of integrating weekly routines in your busy schedule, pushing your personal brand even further after the program.

If you need help, use our private support community on Slack, attend our weekly group coaching conferences or use our on-demand 1on1-coaching.

Yes, we make it difficult to fail 😉

Meet your mentors

Shows Social Selling Coach
Alexander Gesell 
Personal Branding Coach &
Social Selling Expert

When I got serious about my personal brand, results sky-rocked within 3 months:

  • 60k views on my new job update
  • 9 incoming C-level leads in the 1st week
  • $500k revenue from social selling in the 1st year


  • 10 years experience leading the
    market entry of new software
  • Best practices from most innovative
    software & service companies
  • RPA, AI & digitalization evangelist,
    social influencer & speaker
  • Unique network to customers,
    software- & service providers
Shows Personal Branding Coach
Marc B. Eichner
Personal Branding Coach &
Digital Marketing Expert
  • Serial-entrepreneur since the age of 15
  • 6 years owner of a digital marketing agency
  • 18 years 360° digital marketing expertise: business tranformation to implementation
  • Specialist in SEO & social-media marketing
  • Business, communication & start-up coach

I fully recognized the unique power of data-driven digital marketing & branding when I saved a company from bancruptcy & doubled their
revenue within the 1st year.

How is the program structured?

shows personal-branding-training schedule

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  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
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