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  • Seasoned CEO’s and founders who have scaled companies from 0 to 5 million €
  • Thought Leaders in Personal Branding, Social Selling and Content Marketing
  • Creators of the LinkedIn Growth Campus and
  • Track record of over 40 business leaders and companies assisted

Adi Suja 

Content Marketing Lead Coach

Founder of GrowthClub

Marc B. Eichner

Branding Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Alexander Gesell

Social Selling Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Connect with even more world-leading experts. 

Dr. Irène Kilubi

Founder of brandPreneurs & brandFluencers

Stefan Smulders

Founder of Expandi

Vaibhav Sisinty

Founder of GrowthSchool

Reach your full potential like Michael and many others.

Meet Michael Prothmann, the CEO and Founder of MPCG, a management consulting startup for digitization.

Michael Prothmann
CEO & Founder of MPCG,
former CEO of OBI

Before joining the LinkedIn Growth Campus, Michael had:

Post views

/ month

Sales calls 

/ month


At the LinkedIn Growth Campus, Michael learned to:

  • Create a clear strategy, allocate his resources and use the best tools
  • Optimize his LinkedIn profile and to establish himself as a thought leader
  • Grow his network and publish high-engagement content
  • Use up-to-date outreach techniques to increase his revenue
  • Hire top talent without spending money on ads
  • Establish company brand authority with his personal brand

Today, Michael has:

Sales calls

/ month

Post views on average

/ post


See who else has grown by leaps and bounds after talking to us.


Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week of running smart campaigns, and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

Laurent Burdin

CEO & Founder of Space & Lemon Innovations


Using the viral content types of imagineGROWTH, Bora established himself and AdEx Partners as thought leaders in digital strategy, growing from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

Bora Ger

Senior Manager Digital Strategy

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Graham Taylor

Founder of @imagineGROWTH Institute

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  • An overview of smart LinkedIn strategies for driving growth