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Finding it difficult to hire the right talent in the shortest possible time?
Learn how you can find the best people for your teams at little to no cost.
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Want to connect with a growing number of potential clients & partners?
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Learn how at the

LinkedIn Growth Campus.

Join a community of high-level founders and CEO’s and learn how to build a scalable digital marketing and sales system. Make over 1 million € in your first year and cut your recruiting expenses by half.

Make all this happen with strategies from the world ’s top 3 LinkedIn agencies in the world—with just 1 hour a day, and without spending on ads.
  • Be guided by world-leading LinkedIn marketing experts.
  • Be supported all throughout your learning journey.
  • Be part of a Mastermind Community of top-level leaders like you.

Leave the marketing methods

of the past, in the past.

Discover what works for marketing and sales in the here and now at the LinkedIn Growth Campus 2021.

Experience dramatic growth in your business pages as well your personal profile as you connect with your ideal clients. 

Target audience in detail with a scalable system.

Create a hyperscaling system based on the best practices of the world's leading LinkedIn experts, influencers, thought leaders and agencies. Maximize your company-wide communications strategy with your own LinkedIn profile and the profiles of key team members.

Get access to the only program built with a holistic perspective: a combination of Personal Branding, Social Selling and Content Marketing taught by a worldwide team of absolute experts in their domains.

Reach your goals through the use of data, making it possible for you to evaluate your progress and tweak your strategies and tactics regularly. Optimize your push & pull marketing by using non-spammy outbound marketing and organic inbound marketing.

Grow your personal brand to promote your business brand.

Stay up to date with what works on LinkedIn, leveraging the results and insights gained from daily, in-depth experiments conducted by over 30 imagineGROWTH and GrowthClub team members.

Get quick results and expand your LinkedIn network at lightspeed using growth hacking strategies and save time with smart tools and processes.

Gain 200,000+ content views per month with engagement from your ideal target audience. You’ll be influencing your entire market with every single post.

Grow as a person even

beyond LinkedIn.

Form long-lasting habits that turn your personal brand into a powerful asset with a program designed to integrate smoothly into your everyday life.

Get support you can rely on from youcoaches and fellow members in the imagineGROWTH Slack Channel.

Explore the use of best-in-class, time-saving tools that help you to apply your knowledge every day, as well as develop your growth strategy and your processes.

Learn from a tried and tested trinity with a track record.

Leverage the experience and expertise of seasoned CEO’s and founders who have scaled companies from 0 to 5 million €. You’ll be trained, coached and guided on your journey by deep tech, software and consulting industry experts who specialize in building fast-scaling businesses.

Adi Suja 

Content Marketing Lead Coach

Founder of GrowthClub

Marc B. Eichner

Branding Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Alexander Gesell

Social Selling Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Connect with even more world-leading experts at the LinkedIn Growth Campus 2021.

Dr. Irène Kilubi

Founder of brandPreneurs & brandFluencers

Stefan Smulders

Founder of Expandi

Vaibhav Sisinty

Founder of GrowthSchool

Get to know the Institute

behind this inspiring course.

Gain so much more than LinkedIn proficiency at the LinkedIn Growth Campus 2021 with the purpose-driven personal growth principles of imagineGROWTH Institute.

Find out how you can live the kind of life you’ve always aspired to—a life that gives you the freedom to help change the world for the better, as well as to reach your sales and marketing goals. This is the kind of 360-degree success in mind, body and soul that the global, multi-cultural and 100% digital team at imagineGROWTH Institute work hard to achieve for you.

Through the LinkedIn Growth Campus 2021, more founders, CEO’s, investors and business leaders just like you will be able to access the Institute’s cutting-edge know-how at competitive rates that offer superior value for this investment into yourself.

The LinkedIn Growth Campus was the best training investment of my career.


Senior Manager, Digital Strategy at AdEx Partners

Reach your full potential like Michael and many others.

Meet Michael Prothmann, the CEO and Founder of MPCG, a management consulting startup for digitization.

Michael Prothmann
CEO & Founder of MPCG,
former CEO of OBI

Before joining the LinkedIn Growth Campus, Michael had:

Post views

/ month

Sales calls 

/ month


At the LinkedIn Growth Campus, Michael learned to:

  • Create a clear strategy, allocate his resources and use the best tools
  • Optimize his LinkedIn profile and to establish himself as a thought leader
  • Grow his network and publish high-engagement content
  • Use up-to-date outreach techniques to increase his revenue
  • Hire top talent without spending money on ads
  • Establish company brand authority with his personal brand

Today, Michael has:

Sales calls

/ month

Post views on average

/ post


Get your first look at what to expect.

Learn to formulate strategies and gather feedback. Be inspired and get motivated. Reach out any time and convene for in-depth coaching every week with specialized lead coaches in social selling, content marketing and branding.
Over 30 Hours of Content
Learn at Your Own Pace
24/7 Support and Community
Engage with the content of each module at your convenience, pausing and resuming whenever your busy schedule allows. Save time with templates, examples and step-by-step guides. Get feedback from your mentors and peers via the community support Slack channel to help you become even better.

 Preview the program line-up.

Prepare for training unlike any you’ve taken, before.

Module 1: Get Started

An overview with useful templates to get you started. A group coaching call to meet your coaches and peers.

Module 2: Network Foundation

Understand the network foundation of social selling, how to apply it to your own network and how to use Sales Navigator. Learn about market, segmentation, how to use the buying center, campaigns for target groups and your social media persona.

Module 3: Network & Sales Campaigns

Get a network & sales campaigns overview. Learn how to use advanced LinkedIn tools. Find out how to design and run connection and messaging campaigns. 

Module 4: Content Marketing

Get an overview of content Marketing. Discover the LinkedIn content types that work the best. Change your mindset. Go deeper into experiential stories and experiential story outlines.

Module 5: Content Ideation & Promotion

Learn how to ideate and promote content. Understand different methods to push audience interaction. Get giveaway posts and define content outlines and OTS.

Module 6: Content Management & Analytics

Get an overview as well as a deeper look into content management & analytics. Learn how to use Trello, Slideposts and content outlines.

Module 7: Content Marketing Next Level

Get a next level overview of content marketing with additional content types and useful tools in this copywriting masterclass with the best techniques for LinkedIn video creation.


Module 8: Personal Branding

Get overview of personal branding and the personal brand statement. Look into common products & goals, and identify the experts & the competitors. Grasp results, methods, objections and know the proofs of success. Learn how to create your statement.

Module 9: Personal Brand Compass

Learn how to build your Personal Brand Compass that is going to guide your personal brand. Know how to define strengths & values through introspection. Learn how to integrate strengths & values into the personal brand compass and to evaluate your compass.

Module 10: Personal Brand Avatar

Now it is time to visualize your personal brand. Develop guidelines and elements that make you stand out from your competition and that help you to create a consistent visual brand image across channels.

Module 11: LinkedIn Profile

Create a profile that converts your visitors into customers and ranks amazingly on LinkedIn & Google Search. Learn about Growth Hacks on how to make your profile even more powerful.

imagineGROWTH teaches the Incarnation of modern marketing, targeting audiences

in detail via a scalable process.

michael prothmann

CEO & Founder of MPCG

See who else has grown by leaps and bounds after joining the LinkedIn Growth Campus.


Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week of running smart campaigns, and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

Laurent Burdin

CEO & Founder of Space & Lemon Innovations


Using the viral content types of imagineGROWTH, Bora established himself and AdEx Partners as thought leaders in digital strategy, growing from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

Bora Ger

Senior Manager, Digital Strategy

Be part of a community like no other on LinkedIn or beyond.

Join our global community of founders, entrepreneurs and CXO’s who are building and hyperscaling everything from niche startups to multi-billion euro companies.

Together, you’ll learn to grow not just on LinkedIn but in your respective fields, exchanging insights with your peers and getting qualified feedback from potential partners and clients about your strategies, positioning and products. 

All the members and alumni of the LinkedIn Growth Campus continue to do their best for each other and will be happy to connect with you during webinars, events, messages and during every coaching call.

Top-level leaders 
in the community


 Start growing your business

the way you envision it to be.

Membership in the LinkedIn Growth Campus 2021 is limited to a maximum 60 members at a time—that's three groups of no more than 20 members. Limiting membership makes sure that everyone gets the attention they need.

But more importantly, limiting membership makes sure that only leaders and those with leadership potential who are serious about making a real difference in their organisational and personal growth will be learning alongside their fellow achievers. 

That means you can be sure that everyone at the program has that same commitment to growing and helping you become the best you can be on LinkedIn and in your industry.

Now, answer wholeheartedly and without reserve.

  • Are you a founder, CEO or investor?
  • Are you ready to focus on reaching your LinkedIn, business, and personal goals?
  • Are you ready to invest 1 hour a day to learn and implement?
  • Are you ready to soak up new cutting-edge knowledge?
  • Are you ready to honestly reflect on your true nature and work on your mindset?
  • Are you ready to actively network and support other community members?
If your answer is "yes" to all of these questions,
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