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Blitz-Scale Your B2B Startup To Another 1 million €

A Year With A 30.000% ROI

LinkedIn Growth Campus 

  • Generate 100+ pre-qualified sales calls per month
  • Make your targeted content be seen by millions
  • Get results already within the first 4 weeks
  • Find top-talent and cut acquisition costs by 83%
  • Expand your network with 47+ B2B founders
  • 10X more cost efficient than ads or an agency

Leave The Marketing Methods 

Of The Past, In The Past.

Target Your Audiences In Detail With A Scalable System.

Create a hyper-scaling system based on the best practices of the world's leading LinkedIn experts, influencers, thought leaders and agencies. Maximize your company-wide communications strategy with the LinkedIn profiles of key team members.

Get quick results and expand your LinkedIn network at light-speed using growth hacking strategies and save time with smart tools and processes.

Reach your goals through the use of data, making it possible for you to evaluate your progress and tweak your strategies and tactics regularly. Optimize your push & pull marketing by using non-spammy outbound marketing and organic inbound marketing.

Grow Key Personal Brands To Boost Your Startup Brand.

Gain 200,000+ content views per month with engagement from your ideal target audience. You’ll be influencing your entire market with every single post.

Always get the newest insights about what works on LinkedIn right now, from in-depth experiments conducted by over 30 imagineGROWTH and GrowthClub team members.

Get access to the only program built with a holistic perspective: a combination of Corporate Branding, Personal Branding, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Growth Hacking.

Grow Above And Beyond LinkedIn.

Go multi-channel and integrate all of the strategies and tools that help you multiply your reach and create the decisive advantage for your startup.

Free up your time by investing smartly in processes and tools that do more with less. Use the time you freed up for growing up your team, getting the next investment round or spend more quality time with friends and family.

Get support you can rely on from youcoaches and fellow members in the imagineGROWTH Slack Channel.

Do it like Michael.

The Results After 6 Months

900.000 %
Lift in content reach

9 M+
Total LinkedIn content views

63 %
Accepted connection requests

1.000 %
Increase in Followers

New Followers

Booked sales calls

Michael Prothmann
CEO & Founder of MPCG,
former CEO of OBI

This is how he started:

Michael posted 2x a week, had 1.400 contacts and didn’t generate any business through LinkedIn.

He had one challenge: scaling up.

Post views / month

Booked sales calls

0 €
Sales Revenue

Step 1

Michael Designed An Individual System For His Startup:

Step 2

He Grew His Connections From 1.500 to 15.000

Connection Acceptance Rate

1.000 %
Increase in Followers


Step 3

Michael Learned How To Create A Conversion-Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Step 4

He Pushed His Thought Leadership With Viral Content

Michael's first post already went viral with over one million views.

Step 5

Using modern outreach techniques Michael boosted his sales

Booked Sales Calls

Step 6

MPCG hyper-targeted top talent and saved 10 thousands of €

Step 7

Using Our 360° YOU Model™ Michael Created His Magnetic Personal Brand

Step 8

Michael Works Data Driven And Increases His Impact On LinkedIn Every Day

Want to do it like Michael? 

Top-Of-Mind Expert

Positioned as a leading expert for marketing & sales digitization.

Lead-Generation Maxed

Optimized sales KPIs by 10X.

Talent Acquisition Optimized

Hired top talent while saving 10-thousands of headhunter costs.

Learn From The Holy Trinity

Leverage the experience and expertise of seasoned founders and CEO's who have scaled companies from 0 to 5 million €. You’ll be guided by deep tech and consulting industry experts who specialize in building fast-scaling businesses.

Adi Suja 

Content Marketing Lead Coach

Founder of GrowthClub

Marc B. Eichner

Branding Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Alexander Gesell

Social Selling Lead Coach

Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

Connect With Even More World-leading Experts At The imagineGROWTH Community.

Dr. Irène Kilubi

Founder of brandPreneurs & brandFluencers

Stefan Smulders

Founder of Expandi

Vaibhav Sisinty

Founder of GrowthSchool

An expert for each field with deep expertise in scaling startups makes this program so incredibly valuable.

Daniel Bieber

CEO & Founder,

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imagineGROWTH Blitz-Scale Community

Join our global community of founders, investors and CXO’s who are building and hyper-scaling everything from niche startups to multi-billion euro companies.

Members and alumni support each other and will be happy to connect with you during webinars, events, messages and during every coaching call.

You will get qualified feedback about your strategies, positioning and products from people who can be your partners and even clients.

I already won two strategic partners at the imagineGROWTH Community

Susanne Plassmann

CEO & Founder,
Susanne Plassmann
Community Facts

Founders & investors

in the community


What's The Course Like.


This course gives you over 30hrs of content for you to follow at your own pace. We will train you and save you time wherever possible with templates, examples and step-by-step guides. 


We know you are super busy and sometimes urgent priorities come up. That’s why we designed the program to fit changing priorities: You can pause and resume the program at any time.


We’ve got your back along with your complete learning and implementation experience. Get feedback both from our experts and from your peers in our support community on Slack.

Program Contents

Module 1: Get Started

An overview with useful templates to get you started. A group coaching call to meet your coaches and peers.

Module 2: Network Foundation

Understand the network foundation of social selling, how to apply it to your own network and how to use Sales Navigator; Learn about market, segmentation, how to use the buying center, campaigns for target groups and your social media persona.

Module 3: Network & Sales Campaigns

Get a network & sales campaigns overview; Learn how to use advanced LinkedIn tools; Find out how to design and run connection and messaging campaigns; 

Module 4: Content Marketing

Get an overview of content Marketing; Discover the LinkedIn content types that work the best; Change your mindset; Go deeper in experiential stories and experiential story outlines;

Module 5: Content Ideation & Promotion

Learn how to ideate and promote content; Understand different methods to push audience interaction; Get giveaway posts and define content outlines and OTS;

Module 6: Content Management & Analytics

An overview of content management & analytics; A deeper look into content management & analytics; Learn how to use Trello, Slideposts and content outlines.

Module 7: Content Marketing Next Level

A next level overview of Content Marketing with additional content types and useful tools; A copywriting masterclass with the best techniques for LinkedIn video creation;

Module 8: Personal Branding

An overview of personal branding and of personal brand statement; Look into common products, goals, who are the experts & the competitors; Grasp results, methods, objections and what are the proofs of success; Learn how to create your statement.

Module 9: Personal Brand Compass

Learn how to build your Personal Brand Compass that is going to guide your personal brand; How to define strengths & values - introspection; Learn how to integrate strengths & values into the personal brand compass and to evaluate your compass.

Module 10: Personal Brand Avatar

Now it is time to visualize your personal brand. Develop guidelines and elements that make you stand out from your competition and that help you to create a consistent visual brand image across channels.

Module 11: LinkedIn Profile

Create a profile that converts your visitors into customers, that ranks amazingly on LinkedIn & Google Search. Learn about Growth Hacks on how to make your profile even more powerful.

Module 12: Advanced Strategies

Create a profile that converts your visitors into customers, that ranks amazingly on LinkedIn & Google Search. Learn about Growth Hacks on how to make your profile even more powerful.

See Who Else Has Grown By Leaps


Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week of running smart campaigns, and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

Laurent Burdin

CEO & Founder of Space & Lemon Innovations


Using the viral content types of imagineGROWTH, Bora established him and AdEx Partners as a thought leader in digital strategy and grew from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

Bora Ger

Senior Manager Digital Strategy


Susanne Plassmann

Within 4 weeks at imagineGROWTH, Susanne won her first 5.000 € project. She gets one sales call from LinkedIn per day and tripled her turnover.

Susanne Plassman

CEO & Founder of Susanne Plassmann

Become Part Of The imagineGROWTH

Blitz-Scale Community

Membership of the imagineGROWTH Scale-Up Community is limited to 10 startups only.

Limiting membership makes sure that only entrepreneurs who are serious about making a real difference in their organizational and personal growth are part of the community.

That means participants are highly committed to growing and helping each other in all startup and personal areas.

Discover How You Can Blitz-Scale Your Start-Up With imagineGROWTH Institute

Graham Taylor
Scale-Up Specialist

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