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In our careers, we have spent more than an  500.000 € on trainings to only implement 5% of the knowledge. Sounds familiar? That's why we designed this training to be different.
Learn only what makes the difference, implement it right away and get results fast. 

Learn proof-tested methods from the Top 1% Growth Hacking Practioners 

Don't waste endless hours getting stuck in an online-course, learn from us live

Get into the Growth Hacking mindset to skyrocket your impact

Make experiments a habit and continuously test what works for your exact target-group

Stay on top of LinkedIn changes - our agency with 30 employees runs tests daily

Implement all strategies end-to-end with step-by-step guides

Leaders Whose Scaleups Have Already Blitz-Scaled With Us.

Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

Laurent Burdin

CEO & Founder of Space & Lemon Innovations

Using the viral content types of imagineGROWTH, Bora established him and AdEx Partners as a thought leader in digital strategy and grew from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

Bora Ger

Senior Manager Digital Strategy

Within 4 weeks, Susanne won her first 5.000 € project. She gets one sales call from LinkedIn per day and tripled her turnover. LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of her sales success.

Susanne Plassman

CEO & Founder of Susanne Plassmann

Meet Michael Prothmann

Michael Prothmann

CEO & Founder of MPCG,
former CEO of OBI

This Is How He Started:

Total LinkedIn

content views



Booked pre-qualified

sales calls

The Results After 6 Months:

900.000 %
Lift in

content reach

1.000 %
Increase in


63 %

connection requests

9 M+
Total LinkedIn

content views



Booked pre-qualified

sales calls

Top-Of-Mind Expert

Positioned as a leading expert for marketing & sales digitization.

Lead-Generation Maxed

Optimized sales KPIs by 10X.

Talent Acquisition Optimized

Hired top talent while saving 10-thousands of headhunter costs.

Want to do it like Michael? 

Discover How To Blitz-Scale Your Startup With imagineGROWTH Institute

Alexander Gesell

Co-Founder of imagineGROWTH Institute

FREE Blitz-Scale Call with Alex

  • Audit for your existing lead generation process
  • Learn strategies of the top 3 LinkedIn agencies 
  • Learn actionable tips to implement right away
  • Get concrete steps to achieving 10X
  • This is NOT a salesy call - leave with 100% value

Get Clear Guidance from the Best

Learn from Serial Entrepreneurs who scaled their Businesses 0 to  5 million €.

Adi Suja

Content Marketing Lead Coach

 Leading ln Content Growth Hacker

Over 500 LinkedIn Growth Experiments 

Founder of Top 3 LinkedIn Agency GrowthClub.Org

Alexander Gesell

Social Selling Lead Coach

Europes Leading Social Selling Expert

13 Years Experience of Scaling Software Businesses

Founder imagineGROWTH.Institute - leading LinkedIn Institute

Adi & Alex are world-class experts, who combine deep expertise in scaling B2B Scaleups with their unique skill sets.

Daniel Bieber

CEO & Founder,

Get The Knowledge Of Tomorrow, Today

Benefit from our network of 30+ of world´s elite experts, coaches, agencies & tool-providers that are constantly testing the next best-practices for you to implement. 

Marc B. Eichner

Leading Personal Branding Coach, 

Serial Founder Training Institutes

Stefan Smulders

Leading Social Selling Expert,

Founder of Expandi

Vaibhav Sisinty

Leading Growth Hacker,

Founder of GrowthSchool

Walk The 3 Steps Of Blitz-Scaling

1. Learn What's Possible

  • Smart outreach
  • Efficient inbound
  • 360° positioning

2. Define Your System

  • Define processes
  • Set-up your team
  • Implement tools

3. Optimize Your System

  • Continuously experiment
  • Enrich your data base
  • Train your team

Choose Your Strategic Core Elements

Do non-salesy LinkedIn outreach and build your network

Exponentially grow with an efficient multi channel strategy

Save time and budget with a pillar content strategy

Set up a growth marketing team to save founder time

Conduct high-converting webinars with hundreds of participants

Further Elements

  • Create a community
  • Master storytelling
  • Create a lead-loop
  • And many, many more.

Learn In These Ways

Acquire Cutting Edge Knowledge In Weekly Coachings

Join the weekly coaching sessions to learn directly from Adi, Marc and Alex as well as your peers.

Watch The Strategies In Videos Again

Learn from anywhere, anytime with videos, templates, examples and step-by-step guides. 

Get Unstuck Fast With 24/7 Community Support

Get feedback from our experts and from your peers in our Blitz-Scale Community on Slack.

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imagineGROWTH Blitz-Scale Community

Connect, partner and learn from other high-profile B2B founders and investors.

I already won two strategic partners at the imagineGROWTH Community

Susanne Plassmann

CEO & Founder,
Susanne Plassmann
Community Facts

Founders & investors


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Get your money back the first 30 days if you don’t achieve results. You can't lose. 

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