Group coaching

Dear Imagineer,

looking forward to our weekly Masterclasses with you and see you grow to leading experts in modern Growth Hacking, Outreach & viral Content Marketing.Please prepare us for the sessions by asking your questions & requesting reviews the following way:

  • Copywriting Masterclass: Hand in your post (content) to be reviewed.
  • Growth Hacking Masterclass: Hand in questions & reviews for technical aspects of Outreach & Content Marketing. Everything about tools, tech & targeting will be covered in this session.
  • Outreach Masterclass: Hand in questions & reviews for Outreach Strategy & Messaging (all technical questions will be covered in the Growth Hacking Session). We want you to become an expert over the year of our engagement on how to craft highly converting outreach messages & select the right strategies for your specific niche.

Looking forward to see you every week in our group coachings!